Paul Panhuysen: An independent art circuit

"The justification for a circuit presenting art organized by artists lies in the fact that
art has a fundamentally different meaning for artists than for collectors or art historians. For artists art is a way of life. For artists art’s justification lies principally in the integrity of the process by which art comes into being. The artists view point should be represented in the circuit in order to show why artists make art. […] Artist’s spaces are necessary in order to keep art alive. They are necessary for the artists as well as for the initially small public. […] For me the most important aims of the independent circuit are to signal new developments in art and, in the process of bringing this about, to promote direct contacts among artists and artists and public, to carry out exchange and collaborative projects and activities in the field of productions, editions and publications, and to encourage interaction between different artistic disciplines. The independent circuit should refrain from all forms of commercial activity."

(from: Het Apollohuis 1980–1985, Eindhoven, 1985, ISBN 90 71 638 014)